Welcome to Arachnid Electronics Web Store. We are proud to offer high-quality creative studio equipment and top of the line apparel at an unbeatable price.

Why pay for expensive studio time when you could invest that money into building a studio of your own?

Arachnid Entertainment is a lifestyle brand and media company that strives to uncover the best music, fashion, and art from the deepest crevices of the internet. We are dedicated to providing quality content revolving around hip-hop and youth culture, streetwear, internet trends and everything in between. The site is hosted by Charles Marduk, who is a music producer, content creator, and entrepreneur living in New York City.

Every day we release new blog articles and YouTube videos. We have instrumentals and production equipment for sale for any up and coming rappers or singers. We also offer music production and digital services such as mixtape hosting and web site creation. Our mission is to inspire young artists and creative entrepreneurs to follow their passions. If you have content you would like featured on the site, feel free to reach out and follow us on social media for updates on new content and products.

All products are quality assured and there is a 30-day money back guarantee on all inventory.